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Special Purpose Machines
Intelligent and Automated to Your needs
SPM INDIA LTD is one amongst the largest global automation companies. The solid engineering strength enables SPM INDIA LTD to be a complete "Solution Provider", from conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting advanced factory automation and Industry 4.0 suitable systems. The solutions are aimed at enhancing customer productivity and inturn enabling them to achieve their manufacturing & Assembly goals.
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Pressing machine reduced
    • Special Purpose Machines
    • Electronic Leak Testing Machines
    • Intelligent Assembly Lines
    • Intelligent Hydraulic Pressing Solutions
    • Intelligent Servo Hydraulic Pressing Solutions
    • Test Rigs for Endurance, Performance, Accelerated Testing
    • Jigs and Fixtures: Body in White (BIW), Machining Centres
    • Industrial Washing Machines
    • Material Handling Systems
    • Pressing Assembly Lines for Explosive Chemicals such as PETN, LA etc.,
Sectors we cater to
Sectors we cater to
Sectors we cater to
Sectors we cater to